The Future Sounds Bright
One very interesting trend the last couple of years has been the advances in hi-fi audio cues in interaction designs. As speakers are becoming smaller, better, and cheaper, we suddenly find ourselves in an immense milieu of sounds and audio cues. In this articles I’ll highlight the invisible details of audio design, and hopefully make you […] Read more – ‘The Future Sounds Bright’.
Focus and Execution
Focus and execution is everything when demonstrating a startup idea. Two weeks ago I participated in Startup Weekend Copenhagen, and to spoil the plot, our team won 1st prize for our project Quick Inspect - professional site inspection on iPad. Looking back we made 3 key decisions that helped us tremendously. 1. Keep it simple 2. […] Read more – ‘Focus and Execution’.
Make Things That Last
Designing things that last is hard. Designing digital things that last is even harder. Yet, the ability to update the software, core UX of the product, can set user expectations and provide a strong motivation to buy. Up until last week my primary phone was a 3,5 years old iPhone 3G. It had battle scars […] Read more – ‘Make Things That Last’.
The Power of Constraint
Here’s an assertion for you: The past decade’s most successful technology companies rose to the top because of their understanding and emphasis of core design principles. I bet, as web technology becomes more and more accessible and easy to deploy, unique user experience (UX) will become the main differentiator between companies who will flourish, and […] Read more – ‘The Power of Constraint’.
My Stack
As any self-respecting digital craftsman I have a set of preferred tools. For no other reason than I love to read about other professionals’ preferred tools, I’ve concocted my own. Hardware Macbook Air. A 13″ i7 1.8GHz 256GB variant. An awesome little trooper. Gets the job done without a hickup. Apart from a smallish HD […] Read more – ‘My Stack’.
I Jumped
It happened. I jumped. I started a blog. No, not a blog about skydiving. This is a blog about design and technology; how design impacts our technology, and specifically how design can shape our technology to work better for us. My background in user experience (UX) and interaction design has forever bequeathed me to see the […] Read more – ‘I Jumped’.