Johan designs technology to advance humanity.
On a mission to enable precision health that dramatically extends human lifespan.


Chapter 3 Co-founder of IONLACE. We use real-world AI and synthetic biology to rapidly design and produce novel proteins that can detect actionable biomarkers at scale.

Chapter 2 Johan spent a decade in Silicon Valley where he led the Autonomous Design team at Lyft Level 5 and launched moonshots at Google X including Replicant, Project Wing, Project Loon, Chronicle, and Everyday Robots. Prior to joining Google in 2012 he was founder and CEO of Revelation, a design agency working with clients including Apple and the Danish Government.

Chapter 1 Academic background in Computer Science, Design, and Philosophy. At Stanford University his research on Aggregated Trustworthiness examined the role of social media in online trust and credibility formation.


Talk AI in the Wild – How AI is moving robots into the real world.

Podcast First step is awareness – Interview with Howard Rheingold.

Essay Persistence – A personal story of setting goals.

Essay Limits of logic – Break the cage and imagine the possible.

Essay A new mindset – Change your mind to change the world.