Johan designs technology to advance humanity. Previously led the design of the autonomous car at Lyft and moonshots at Google X.


Currently exploring the frontier of next-gen computing and biology.

Before Johan led the Autonomous Design team at Lyft and Level 5 and launched moonshots at Google X including Replicant, Project Wing, Project Loon, Chronicle, and Everyday Robots. Prior to joining Google in 2012 he was founder and CEO of Revelation, a design agency working with clients including Apple and the Danish Government.

Johan holds an M.S. in Computer Science and Design and a B.A. in Philosophy. At Stanford University his research on Aggregated Trustworthiness examined the role of social media on online trust and credibility.


Talk AI in the Wild – How AI is moving robots into the real world.

Podcast First step is awareness – Interview with Howard Rheingold.

Essay Persistence – A personal story of setting goals.

Essay Limits of logic – Break the cage and imagine the possible.

Essay A new mindset – Change your mind to change the world.

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